Tool for merging data from different spreadsheet or CSV files and creating dynamic charts.
Large free knowledge base and repository for structured data for the Wikipedia.
Professional platform with paid plans for creating customized data visualizations.
Search engine for financial, economic and social datasets.
Toolkit, community and service around the visualization and sharing of geodata.
TED - Open Data Talk (Tim Berners Lee)
"The year open data went worldwide". TED talk on Open Data by Tim Berners-Lee.
Blog and podcast about open maps, data and OpenStreetMap.
data.gov.uk - Blogs
Open data blogs on data.gov.uk.
Stackoverflow - Overview Scraping Solutions
Overview on coding questions site Stackoverflow with different HTML scraping solutions for various programming languages.
Mechanize (Perl/Python/Ruby)
Library with versions in Perl, Python and Ruby for the automating interaction with websites and for website scraping.
Nokogiri (Ruby)
Ruby library for scraping web pages.
Django Dynamic Scraper (Python/Django)
Django app build on top of Scrapy to manage scrapers via the Django admin interface.