OKFN - OpenAid
Information platform of the Open Knowledge Foundation around development aid transparency.
Wikipedia - Open Data
Open Data introduction on Wikipedia.
OKFN - Open Definition
Website maintained by the Open Knowledge Foundation with a definition of Open in Open Data, Open Content and Open Services and information about usable licences to ensure openness.
TED - Open Data Talk (Tim Berner...
"The year open data went worldwide". TED talk on Open Data by Tim Berners-Lee.
OReilly - Open Government Book
Free first chapter "Government as a platform" from OReilly Book about open government.
OKFN - Open Data Manual
Manual maintained by the Open Knowledge Foundation discussing legal, social and technical aspects of Open Data.
Blog and podcast about open maps, data and OpenStreetMap.
data.gov.uk - Blogs
Open data blogs on data.gov.uk.
guardian.co.uk - Datablog
Datablog of the British Guardian covering new open data developments in Great Britain and the world.
New York Times - Open Blog
Blog from New York Times developers about open data activities from the NYTimes and developments around open data.
Sunlight Foundation Blog
Blog of the U.S. non-profit Sunlight Foundation mainly covering U.S. open government news.
Sunlight Foundation - Sunlight L...
Developer blog by the Sunlight Foundation with news around Sunlight projects and open data projects and websites in the U.S..
Open Knowledge Foundation Blog -...
Open Data category from the blog of the Open Knowledge Foundation with recent open data news.
World Bank - News | Data
Blog with news about the open data activities of the World Bank and related open data topics.