Ushahidi - github
Github account of Ushahidi, non-profit tech company providing an open source platform to crowdsource mapping information.
Sunlight Labs
Project space of the Sunlight Foundation with a huge amount of hosted projects under an open source software licence beeing free for reuse.
mySociety - github
Github account of with the source code of projects like fixmystreet or theyworkforyou.
Open Knowledge Foundation - github
Github account of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN) with access to the source code of various OKFN projects.
Code for America - github
Github account of the U.S. organization "Code for America" with dozens of public repositories with open gov web solutions.
Open-Data-Catalog - github
Open source version of the code for, the data catalogue for Philadelphia, PA.
NY State Senate - Developers Net...
Developers Network of the New York State Senate with information about APIs provided, source code used and contact possibilities.
Froide - Github
Source code (Python/Django) for the German Freedom of Information request portal - similar to - can be used as a basis for own FOI sites.
apileipzig - Github
Source code (Ruby) on Github used for the data api of the german city of Leipzig.